Monday, November 22, 2010

Monitor New Zealand Earthquakes with this Google Gadget

This gadget will allow you to subscribe to the New Zealand GeoNet real-time earthquake rss feed. It shows the latest earthquakes as color coded (by depth and age) icons with tool tips on a Google Maps backdrop - the older the earthquake, the more transparent the icon will look.

The gadget has a list tab which displays the earthquake information as a text list with hyperlinks for more details - the list can be sorted by the earthquake magnitude, depth as well as the date-time. Using the list, you can easily find and locate the largest, the latest or the deepest earthquakes.

You can leave this gadget on the screen and it will update itself as it receives the latest feed. Upon receiving the data, it will automatically zoom to the latest earthquake epicenter. Clicking on an earthquake icon will bring up more information about the earthquake from the GeoNet site.

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