Monday, June 6, 2016

Trainsity Bangkok Windows Phone app

Use this Windows Mobile 8+ app to find your way around the city of Bangkok, Thailand using the high resolution vector maps of the Bangkok Sky Train (BTS), Metro (MRT) and the Airport Rail Link train network.
The maps are small in file size and sharp without pixelation, and can work offline without a connection to the Internet. Users can click the train station labels to open Bing Maps, where they can use all the functions of the app to visualise the surrounding area and/or perform routing for directions.
There is also an offline function to calculate the best way to travel from a station to another station with a direction breakdown and estimated timings (which may vary from the actual travelling time).

The following screenshots show how the app looks like on a Windows Mobile 8+ handset.

When a tile is tapped, a detail map view of the selected line will appear, as shown.

Tapping a labeled box on the map will display the train station on the external Maps application.

If you want to find out how long it takes to travel from one station to another station, and the best route to take, simply swipe to the Route page. Then type in the From station and To station. As you enter the values, a drop down list will appear and a station can be selected from the list. Finally, tap the Execute icon.

Tapping the more details link will display the recommended route to take.

Click the button below to download the app from the Windows Store.
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