Monday, June 17, 2013

Android App KoordKonverter for converting coordinates

KoordKonverter is a handy app for converting geo-coordinate points between various coordinate reference systems. The app currently supports Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), Singapore SVY21, and geographic latitude/longitude systems. It uses the global WGS 84 ellipsoid for the datum only.

  1. Simply choose the Input coordinate reference system from the Spinner widget, e.g. MGRS.

  2. Type in or choose the coordinate values to convert, e.g. 14QNL3066125500.

    Note: For some coordinate systems, a wheel picker may pop up for selecting coordinate values. Click Set.

  3. For information about the current coordinate reference system, touch the "i" button on the right.

    The projection, datum transformation parameters, and ellipsoid details appear.

  4. Select the Output Coordinate Reference System e.g. Geographic Lat/Lon.
  5. Click Convert.

    The converted result appears.
  6. Optional. Click Maps to pass the input coordinates to the default Maps App e.g. Google Maps.

    The point is plotted on the map.

  7. Touch the Menu button and choose Share result to pass the output to another Android app e.g. Clipboard, file, email, Dropbox, etc.
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1 comment:

Howard said...

Great App!!! It's now part of my permanent GIS arsenal on my Android devices! I look forward to future releases (with more systems built in) ... Thank you!

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