R.S.O Borneo (M) Projection Coordinates Converter

This online geographic calculator is useful to convert between Lat/Lon coordinates and Timbalai 1948/Rectified Skewed Orthomorphic Borneo (M) grid coordinates.
Steps to convert latitude, longitude coordinates to easting, northing coordinates:
  1. Choose the latitude, longitude coordinate format. Latitude and longitude format
  2. Type in or paste the latitude, longitude coordinates in the text box below. Example 1: For DD.DDD,DDD.DDD (comma delimited format) 4.01,114.234 4.1234,115.1234 Example 2: For DD MM SS.SSS DDD MM SS.SSS (tab delimited format) 1 18 21.9 110 15 10.1 1 18 22.9 110 15 10.2
  3. Click the Convert to Easting, Northing button below.
  4. Check the results in the Easting, Northing coordinates text box below.
Steps to convert easting, northing coordinates to latitude, longitude coordinates:
  1. Choose the easting, northing coordinates format. Easting, Northing format:
  2. Type in or paste the easting, northing coordinates in the text box below. Example 1: EEEEEEE,NNNNN.NN (comma delimited) 12200.23,20456.45 18200.45,19800.67 Example 2: EEEEE.EE NNNNN.NN (space delimited) 12200.23 20456.45 18200.45 19800.67
  3. Click the Convert to Latitude, Longitude button.
  4. Check the results in the Latitude, Longitude text box above.


Aj4 said...


[1] This is for convertion from WGS84 to BRSO, right?

[2] Can a FME do this kind of coordinate transformation?


dominoc925 said...

Hi Aj4,
(1) I didn't code in a datum transformation between lat/lon and east/north conversion. The values remain on the same datum before and after the conversion.

(2) Yes FME should be able to perform similar coordinate transformation. Just need to define the source and destination coordinate system.

atul said...

Hi Dom, if i am in West Malaysia what datum shall i use to calibrate my GPS and Sabah too for the navigation or data capturing using my GPS, Thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Dom,

Can "Z" be added too since this basically for "X & Y".

Hope it will be " X,Y and Z"

dominoc925 said...

For Z, what kind of transformations are you looking at? MSL to/fro ellipsoids? Or between different vertical datums?

Unknown said...

"Z" is the MSL datum that read in GPS device.Can it be added inside this converter? Thanks

dominoc925 said...

Hi Abu Bakar, which datum are you transforming Z to?

HT said...

Hi Dom,

I have discovered the same Lat. & Long values input into dominoc925 have output different results on different dates. Have u changed or upgraded your dominoc925 program recently?


dominoc925 said...

This particular code hasn't been edited for years

WLB said...

Hi Dom,
Where can I find the function to convert BRSO to WGS84? I need to create a link that will display the location of a point in my database (MSSQL) in google map. Problem is, my data is in BRSO format. Tq

M4573RM41ND said...



322732.48 S, 374022.30 W CONVERT TO (N/E)

Unknown said...

hey can you tell me the calculation process to convert from RSO into Geographic please?

cheers mate

LAI said...

Suppose to have:-
1) Calculated Scale Factor
2) Calculated Convergence

Unknown said...

hi, how to convert lat long (google earth) to grid reference (map topography)

Albrecht Patrick Raphael said...

To whomever who created this site. THANK YOU!!

Minin said...

This is good...it very helping...
Anyway, why this convertion programs not found on Google apps. Can you create some kind programe loke that so it can acces in google apps? Tq.