Friday, May 9, 2008

GeoMedia Terrain 6.1 Released

Intergraph has just released a new version of GeoMedia Terrain version 6.1 in April. According to the release notes, this release is for delivering a version of GeoMedia Terrain that is compatible with GeoMedia 06.01.00. Enhancements in the new version include:
  • Performance improvements
  • The ability to take in larger data volumes than version 6.0
  • New Primary InterOp Assemblies for .NET application development
  • Windows Vista support and 64-bit hardware compatible
I have encountered poor performance and inexplicable crashes while writing a training course guide for GeoMedia Terrain. I have just ordered a copy of the software and once I receive the DVD, I hope to give the new version the run through and see whether Intergraph has fixed the problems.


Kanwar Raj Singh said...

can i get a download link or something for this terrain 6.1 i am unable to find this on the web or u could upload it so that i can downalod..!!1 will appreciate its for home use only as i am a student only studying btech geoinformatics

d0min0c said...

Hi Kanwar, I don't have any download links for GeoMedia Terrain. If you would like to learn terrain concepts at home, I would recommend some free software like Saga GiS, which is easier to learn and no prerequisite software. GeoMedia Terrain depends on having GeoMedia and the learning curve is steeper.

Kanwar Raj Singh said...

yeah i have learnt geomedia pro 6.1 and i am priety ok with it i guess.. i am doing a college project in which i am producing the fly through model for it .any ways thanks for the info dominoc . btw can we be like facebook friends and we can share are gis knowledge meaning u can be ma internet sir .!!!!! :)

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