Thursday, September 10, 2009

Select and update feature attributes in GeoMedia

In GeoMedia, there is a useful function to select one or more geographical features and update their attributes but it is hidden away under some pulldown menus. Sometimes it is easier for users to use the Selection tool and simply point and click to select features for updating.

In this example, I want to update the STATE_NAME attribute of the Counties feature to e.g. Alabama. Here are the steps:
  1. In GeoMedia, click the Selection Tool button.

  2. In the map view, click on one or more Counties feature.

    The features are selected (in green color).

    Note: Press CTRL + click to add more features to the selection set.

  3. Select Edit > Attribute > Update Attributes.

    The Update Attributes dialog box appears.

  4. In the Update Features In box, expand the Select Set node. Expand the Warehouse node. Select the Feature name, in this example, it is Counties.

    The attributes of the selected feature are displayed in the Attributes to Update box.

  5. In the Attributes to Update box, scroll to the attribute(s) you want to update e.g. STATE_NAME and type in the new value e.g. Alabama.

    At this point, the Update Attributes dialog box may look like this.

  6. Click Apply.

    The selected features are updated with the new attribute values.

  7. Close the dialog box.

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