Monday, June 13, 2011

GeoMedia C# code snippet to connect to a WMS server

Recently I was asked to look at some C# code to connect and display a feature from a Web Mapping Service (WMS) server. I wrote some driving GeoMedia code to test out the connection.


//Create the connection to the WMS server
PClient.Connection conn = null;    //connection to the WMS server
MapviewLib.GMMapView map = (MapviewLib.GMMapView) mapWindow.MapView;
conn = (PClient.Connection) this.Application.CreateService("GeoMedia.Connection");
conn.Name = "WMS";
conn.Type = "WMS.GDatabase";
conn.Mode = 0;
conn.Description = "WMS";
conn.Location = "Not used";
conn.ConnectInfo = @"NOCSFFOUND=FAIL;URI=";

//Now create a recordset to a WMS feature
PClient.OriginatingPipe OP;
conn.CreateOriginatingPipe(out OP);
OP.Table = "Feature1";

//Build a transformation path to/fro the map view coordinate system and the WMS and store the paths in the map view's CoordSystemsMgr object
PCSS.CoordSystem objCS = null;
PClient.ServerTransService objSTS = (PClient.ServerTransService)this.Application.CreateService("GeoMedia.ServerTransService");
PCSS.AltCoordSystemPath objAltCoordSystemPath = null;
PClient.GField objGeomFld = OP.OutputRecordset.GFields["Geometry"];
objSTS.CreateCSFromGeometryField( objGeomFld, out objCS);
objSTS.CreateSimpleTransFromCSMtoCS(map.CoordSystemsMgr, objCS, out objAltCoordSystemPath);

//Transform the WMS recordset to the map view's coordinate system
PDBPipe.CSSTransformPipe objXPipe = (PDBPipe.CSSTransformPipe)this.Application.CreateService("GeoMedia.CSSTransformPipe");
objXPipe.InputRecordset = (PDBPipe.GRecordset) OP.OutputRecordset;
objXPipe.InputGeometryFieldName = "Geometry";
objXPipe.CoordSystemsMgr = map.CoordSystemsMgr;
objXPipe.OutputCSGUID = map.CoordSystemsMgr.CoordSystem.GUID;

//Now we can use the transformed WMS recordset
PDBPipe.GRecordset wmsRS = objXPipe.OutputRecordset


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Sapo's Links Page said...

Please! Do you have an example using WFS with username and password?

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