Monday, August 1, 2011

Find intersections between polygons using Global Mapper

Even though Global Mapper is not a spatial analysis software, it has some limited spatial functions such as the Find Intersection of Selected Areas command. It is available in a pop up menu somewhere within the software. Here is an example of using the command.

  1. Start Global Mapper 12. Load or create a polygon layer with intersecting polygons.

  2. Press ALT+D.

    The Digitizer toolbar appears.
  3. In the Map view, select two or more intersecting polygons.

    The polygons are selected.

  4. Press the Mouse right button anywhere in the Map view.

    A pop up menu appears.

  5. Choose Find Intersection of Selected Area Features.

    A message appears.

  6. Click No.

    The Modify Feature Info dialog box appears.

  7. Choose a Feature Type, e.g. Wetland. In the Feature Layer drop down list, choose Create New Layer for Feature. Click OK.

    The Enter Layer Name dialog box appears.

  8. Type in a name, e.g. intersect. Click OK.

    The intersections are created.

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