Monday, May 26, 2014

QGIS Export layers to SVG for cartographic editing in desktop publishing software

If there is a need to manipulate QGIS map layers for cartographic publishing purposes in vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator or the free and open source software Inkscape, there is a plugin - Simple SVG for that. The plugin is not perfect but it gives you probably enough to work on.

If the plugin is not installed in QGIS, simply run select Plugins | Manage and install Plugins... Then search for SimpleSvg, as shown below. Once located, just install it. There will be a Web pull down menu and an SVG icon in the tool bar.

  1. Using SimpleSvg is simple. Just display the layers you want to export to SVG. Resize the map view until you are happy with the extent.

  2. Then select Web | Save as SVG | Save as SVG.

    The SimpleSvg dialog box appears.

  3. Type in the output SVG file path and name.

    Note: On Windows, clicking the browse button will cause a Python error. So just key in the output file path and name.

  4. Click OK.

    The SVG file is created.

  5. Open the resultant SVG file in a vector editing software such as Inkscape. Further cartographic editing can now be done on the resultant vector graphics.

    Note: There is a bounding box feature in the resultant layer named qgisviewbox.
    Each map feature is placed in its own layer, e.g. waterbody.
    Each map feature is grouped together

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