Monday, September 15, 2014

Android App for monitoring 911 incident calls in Tampa Bay, Florida

Users can monitor Tampa City's Fire Dept.'s call for services (updated every 10 minutes), the Police Department's calls for service (updated within 30 to 45 minutes), and traffic related calls for service (updated every 15 minutes); and Pinellas County's fire call for services. The incidents can be viewed as a text list or on a map as icons or as a heat map. Examples of incidents include burglary, accident, fire, assault, drugs, death, and many more. Incident details can be viewed by touching an item on the list or a marker on the map display. A function is available to easily filter away unwanted incidents from the list or map by text. The app allows the user to send the incident location to Google Maps and/or Street View for better visualization of the 911 incident environment.

Upon launching the app on a handset, the list of incidents will be downloaded (if not downloaded before) and displayed with associated icons as shown below. Subsequently, the user will have to explicitly tap the Refresh icon and choose a feed to download again. 
The list of incidents can be filtered by using the Filter command, which is activated by selecting the Filter icon on the Action bar or menu item. This will toggle the display of the filter text entry field. As you type in any text, e.g. medical, the incident list is dynamically updated. 
To view all the incidents on a map, just tap the Map option item in the Action Bar menu. The filter (if any) remains in effect until it is cleared. Touching any incident icon will pop up a snippet of information about the incident. Touching the snippet will display the incident details.
Users can visualize the incidents a heat map instead of as marker icons. This can be done by choosing the Heat map option item in the Action Bar menu, as shown below. To display as marker icons again, just choose the Markers option item in the Action Bar menu. 
Long pressing any item in the incident list will pop up a menu, as shown below, where the selected incident can be shared, located on a map, or sent to the Google Maps or Street View apps. 

On a tablet, the app will display a two pane layout - an incident list on the left, and a map view on the right, as shown below. 

As on a handset, the incidents can be displayed as marker icons or as a heat map. 
Long pressing an item on the list will pop up a menu.

To refresh the incident list, tap the Refresh icon and choose a feed to download. 

You can download this app on the Play Store.
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