Monday, June 13, 2016

Use PDAL to merge multiple LiDAR las files

I found a useful tool, something that works along the lines of GDAL for vector data, but for point cloud data; it's the Point Data Abstraction Library (PDAL).  PDAL can be downloaded from It has some useful commands, like merging LiDAR las files, which I tried to use, as an alternative to other tools like Lastools.

Using PDAL to merge a few las files is straightforward, as illustrated below. If there are hundreds of las files to zip, then another tool might be more suitable.

To use PDAL to merge las files, just type in the following command at the Command prompt.
C:> pdal merge --verbose=5 part_1.las part_2.las part_3.las output.las

Note I: all the input las files will be merged into the last file name in the command.
Note II: the --verbose option tells the command the amount of processing messages to display. 0 for none. 
The resultant merge file is shown below.

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