Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Identifying deprecated classes and methods in Android Studio with "Recompile with -Xlink:deprecation"

When upgrading an Android project to a newer Android version, Google may deprecate some of the previously used Android classes and methods. By default, the gradle compilation process will only print out a summary message "Some input files use or override a deprecated API", as shown in the Android Studio screenshot below:

To enable the compilation process to print out a verbose message of the deprecated API, one or more of the build.gradle file may need to be edited to add in the -Xlint:deprecation option. In the example, the top most or project level build.gradle file was edited.

  1. In Android Studio, open up the project build.gradle file. Scroll to the allprojects section.

  2. Add in the gradle.projectsEvaluated sub section with the -Xlint:deprecation option as shown below.

  3. Save. Now when building the Android project, the deprecated API will be printed in the console.

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