Monday, March 15, 2021

Creating a simple CUDA with CMake C++ project

Assuming you have downloaded and installed the right version of the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit for your NVIDIA GPU card, the next step is to create your awesome C++ CUDA project. In this post, I will illustrate how to create a simple Hello World project using CMake on Ubuntu. 

  1. In a folder, create a CUDA C++ file, e.g. Type in the following code as shown in the snippet below.

    Note: the main function simply calls an empty CUDA mykernel consisting of 1 block and 1 thread per block function. Then it prints out a hello message.

  2. Next, create a CMakeLists.txt file. Type in the following code as shown.

    Note: The CMakeLists.txt simply tells CMake to use C++ and CUDA languages and then defines the executable and its source.

  3. Create a build directory. Then change directory into the build directory and run the cmake command.

    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build
    $ cmake ..

    The processing messages appear.

  4. Now compile the project with the make command.

    $ make

  5. Finally, run the hello executable.

    $ ./hello

    The message "Hello CUDA!" is printed to the screen.

The sample project can be downloaded from the Github repository at

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Eyal said...

I couldn't find your email address, so posting this here:

For more complex use of CUDA, you might be interested in checking out this CMakeLists.txt file:

And if you're interested in making your life easier and your code simpler when using CUDA, you may want to have a look at the Modern-C++ CUDA runtime API wrappers:

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