Thursday, March 13, 2008

Connecting to a GeoMedia SmartStore Warehouse

Recently, I did some GeoMedia 6.0 VB programming and I had a bit of a problem connecting to a GeoMedia SmartStore Warehouse. According to the GeoMedia Professional Object Reference document, the Connection object's ConnectInfo property is supposed to be set according to the following:

DDCLocation=file | folder; CSF=csffile

However, this is incorrect. The DDCLocation keyword is actually in uppercase.

DDCLOCATION=file | folder; CSF=csffile

Example code snippet:

With objConn
.Type = "GeoMediaSmartStore.GDatabase"
.Name = "SEWDDC"
.Location = "D:\DDCFolder"
.Description = "Auto-connected by code"
.Mode = gmcModeReadOnly
End With

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