Monday, January 16, 2012

Connect to non-graphical tabular database data in gvSIG

Being used to commercial GIS software, I was looking around for the option to connect to a non-graphical database table in the gvSIG OADE 2010 application window. I failed to locate the command. Later on, I saw that the command is contained in the Project Manager window - a child form within the main gvSIG application window. Once I found it, it was quite easy to connect to the non-graphical database table as shown in the dbf example below.
  1. Start up gvSIG OADE 2010.
  2. In the Project Manager dialog box, click the Table button.

  3. Click the New button.

    The New table dialog box appears.
  4. Click Add.

    The Open dialog box appears.
  5. Browse and select a dbf file e.g. SalesByState.dbf. Click Open.

    The selected file is added to the list of Tables.
  6. Click OK.

    The attribute table is displayed in gvSIG.

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