Monday, September 19, 2022

Run Quectel's Connection Manager as a systemd service on Ubuntu

I found myself in possession of a modem by Quectel ( to hook up to a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu 20.04. I wanted to auto run Quectel's connection manager executable quectel-CM on system start up but found limited information available online from Quectel. So I had to roll up my sleeves and make my own systemd service for that purpose.

This post outlines the steps I took:

Download and compile the quectel-CM executable

  1. Using an Internet browser, download the latest Quectel LTE, 5G Linux USB driver, e.g. from
  2.  Extract into a folder e.g. /home/ubuntu/Downloads/quectel-CM/.

  3. In a Terminal, change directory to the extracted folder.

    $ cd ~/Downloads/quectel-CM/

  4. Use the make command to compile the connection manager executable.

    $ make

    The quectel-CM executable is compiled.

Place the quectel-CM exe to the run time directory

  1. In a Terminal, type in the following commands to change directory to the extracted directory.

    $ cd /home/ubuntu/Downloads/quectel-CM/

  2. Copy the executable to /usr/local/bin/.

    $ sudo cp quectel-CM /usr/local/bin

Create a systemd service file

  1.  In the directory /etc/systemd/system, use a text editor to create a service file e.g. quectelcm.service.

    $ sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/quectelcm.service

  2. Type in the following lines, save and exit the file:
    Description=Systemd service for running Quectel's Connection Manager quectel-CM executable

  3. Give the service file the following executable permission:

    $ sudo chmod 664 /etc/systemd/system/quectelcm.service

 Create the service

  1. In the Terminal, type in the following commands:

    $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    $ sudo systemctl enable quectelcm

    The quectelcm service is created.


Running and monitoring the service

  1. You can either reboot the Raspberry Pi or type in the following command to start the service in a Terminal.

    $ sudo systemctl start quectelcm

  2. To monitor the quectelcm service, use the journalctl command:

    $ journalctl -u quectelcm -f

Note: In order for quectel-CM to request and set the machine's network address, the software prerequisites net-tools and udhcpc must be installed on the Raspberry Pi.

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