SVY21 Projection Coordinates Converter

This free online geographic calculator is useful to convert between Lat/Lon coordinates and SVY21 grid coordinates on WGS84..
Steps to convert latitude, longitude coordinates to easting, northing coordinates:
  1. Choose the latitude, longitude coordinate format.

    Latitude and longitude format

  2. Type in or paste the latitude, longitude coordinates in the text box below.

    Example 1: For DD.DDD,DDD.DDD (comma delimited format) 1.197142531,103.671587

    Example 2: For DD MM SS.SSS DDD MM SS.SSS (tab delimited format) 1 11 49.69 103 40 17.71
    1 12 22.27 103 52 9.48

  3. Click the Convert to Easting, Northing button below.

  4. Check the results in the Easting, Northing coordinates text box below.
Steps to convert easting, northing coordinates to latitude, longitude coordinates:
  1. Choose the easting, northing coordinates format.

    Easting, Northing format:

  2. Type in or paste the easting, northing coordinates in the text box below.

    Example 1:

    Example 2:
    10000.00 20000.00
    32000.00 21000.00

  3. Click the Convert to Latitude, Longitude button.

  4. Check the results in the Latitude, Longitude text box above.


Sarawak S said...

There is about 0.5m difference in Northing if I reverse the conversion. Is there anyway to solve this?

Cheers, Raymond

Shu Min Cheong said...

great page, saved me a lot of trouble in the conversion!

Desmond Leung said...

Thanks for having this tool available!

nandy said...

Hi does anyone know the formula to convert lat long to SVY21 X Y Co ordinates?

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