Thursday, April 10, 2008

GeoMedia 6.0 Command Wizard for Visual Studio 2005

GeoMedia version 6.0 does not come with a command wizard for Visual Studio 2005. I found out that there is a zip file available from the Intergraph website (login required). Download and extract the contents of this file and follow the following procedure to install it as an add-in to Visual Studio 2005.
  1. Extract to Drive:\Program Files\GeoMedia\wizard\Templates folder.
  2. Extract to Drive:\Program Files\GeoMedia\wizard\ folder.
  3. Extract to Drive:\Program Files\GeoMedia\wizard\ folder.
  4. Run Drive:\Program Files\GeoMedia\wizard\Regwiznet.exe.
  5. Start Visual Studio 2005.
  6. Select Tools > Add-in Manager (notice the GeoMedia Command Wizard Add-in)

Note: If you are using GeoMedia version 6.1, then you no longer need to do the above as 6.1 comes with the Visual Studio 2005 add-in.

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