Friday, April 17, 2009

Adding SVY21 coordinate system to FME

By default, FME does not include the SVY21 coordinate system definitions. If you plan to use FME to perform any coordinate reprojections, then you have to modify the LocalCoordSysDefs.fme or MyCoordSysDefs.fme and coordsys.db parameter files to include in the SVY21 definitions. Fortunately, this is very easy and it is simply a matter of putting in the correct values. 

Using your favorite text editor, add in the following lines in the LocalCoordSysDefs.fme or MyCoordSysDefs.fme files. They can be found in the folder {FME install directory}\Reproject\

# SVY21 Projection
DESC_NM "Singapore_Transverse_Mercator_WGS_1984" \
PARM1 103.8333333333333333333333 \
SCL_RED 1.0 \
ORG_LAT 1.366666666666666666666667 \
X_OFF 28001.642 \
Y_OFF 38744.572 \
Then add in the following line to the coordsys.db file. This file can normally be found in the {FME install directory}

SVY21|Singapore Transverse Mercator WGS84|Singapore|WGS84||TM|METER

After you have completed amending the parameter files, when you run the FME workbench or the FME Universal Translator to define the coordinate system, you would be able to see the SVY21 coordinate system in the dialog boxes (as shown below). 

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Abhishek Tandon said...

I added SVY21 in FME 2009 but when I added the same layer in ArcMap; it is going for very high zoom level and asking for transform CGS. I observed that Spheroid name is not same in ESRI and FME. Can you guide on this?

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