Monday, December 10, 2012

Code snippet to check browser support for FileReader's readAsArrayBuffer method

The HTML5 FileReader object specifications provides for a few methods to read files including readAsBinaryString, readAsText, readAsDataURL and readAsArrayBuffer. Not all browsers have implemented all the methods. For instance, Chrome already has support for the readAsArrayBuffer method but FireFox will support the same method in future versions that uses Gecko 7.0. It would be wise to put in some checks in the Javascript code to detect whether the readAsArrayBuffer method is supported and take appropriate actions if it is not.

The following Javascript code snippet shows a simple example of detecting support for the FileReader  readAsArrayBuffer API.

if (window.FileReader && window.FileReader.prototype.readAsArrayBuffer) {
    alert('The FileReader APIs are supported');
} else {
    alert('The FileReader readAsArrayBuffer API is not supported');

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