Monday, December 3, 2012

Javascript class to read a binary file in a browser

I found this nice open source code at that provides a class for reading binary files in the browser.

The following Javascript code snippet is a simple example I wrote showing how to parse through a binary file using the HTML5 FileReader and the jDataView class.

function onFileButtonChange(evt){
    var files =;
    var f = files[0];

    //create a new instance of the HTML5 FileReader
    var reader = new FileReader();    
    //onload is called when the binary file is loaded
    reader.onload = function(e){        
        //store the binary array buffer in the buff variable
        var buff =;
        //create a new instance of the jDataView
        var dv = new jDataView(buff);
        var offset = 0;
        //read a little endian signed integer (4 bytes) from byte offset 0. 
        var field1 = dv.getInt32(offset,true);
        offset+= 4;    //Move to the next field
        //read a little endian double (8 bytes) from byte offset 4
        var field2 = dv.getFloat64(offset,true);
    //read in a binary file as an ArrayBuffer

Visit the project repository for more details about the jDataView class.

Note that the HTML5 FileReader object's readAsArrayBuffer method has only been implemented in Chrome and FireFox 7+ at this point in time.


Ice Princess said...

Just what I need. Thanks!

bala2it4u said...

Do you know How to read album picture
from a mp3 file using jdataview and jbinary reader

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