Monday, December 24, 2012

WebApp to show DBASE (*.dbf) file information

The ESRI Shapefile format stores database attributes in DBASE DBF (*.dbf) file and shape geometries in another associated file (*.shp). Using the DBASE file structure documentation in, I wrote a simple Javascript web app to show basic information about a DBF file, similar to the open source ShapeLib's dbfinfo executable.

 The web app can be run from this page

  1. To use the web app, simply drag and drop one or more DBASE files (*.dbf) into the dashed box as shown in the screenshot below.

  2. Or click the button and choose one or more (*.dbf) files. .

    Basic information about the DBF file is displayed, including the number of records, the number of columns, column names and type.

Note: This will run only on Chrome and a development version of FireFox that uses Gecko 7 at the moment. 

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