Monday, July 8, 2013

Google Gadget for monitoring 911 incident calls in Portland, Oregon

This gadget allows users to monitor the City of Portland, Oregon's Police 911 Dispatch Incidents on a Google Maps backdrop by subscribing to the geoRSS feed of the 100 most recent, closed, non-confidential calls for service received by the City of Portland's 911 system. 

The incidents are shown as clickable and color coded icons with tool tips. Incidents that happened an hour or less ago will be fully opaque; at more than an hour but less than three hours, the icons will be displayed at 50% opacity; at greater than three hours, the icons will be shown at 25% opacity. 

Leave the gadget on the screen and it will update itself every few minutes with the latest information. Clicking on the icon will bring up more details about the incident. Together with Google Street View, users can truly immerse themselves into the incident environment

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