Monday, December 23, 2013

Seattle 911 incidents monitoring WebApp

This WebApp allows users to monitor the City of Seattle's Fire Department's real time 911 dispatches (updated every five minutes) and the Seattle Police Department's 911 dispatch incident responses that are non-confidential (updated every 4 hours) on a Google Maps backdrop. Simply choose the appropriate feed on the 911 feed drop down menu on the right pane.

The 911 incidents are shown as clickable icons with tool tips on Google Maps. Clicking on an icon will bring up more details about the incident. Users can utilize additional built-in Google Maps features such as Street View, or 3-D oblique 45 degrees views to immerse themselves into the incident environment.

The 911 incidents are also shown as a list on the right pane. The list can be sorted by incident category, date-time and address - either in ascending or descending order. Clicking the Maps hyperlink will automatically locate, zoom, and center the incident in the Map view.

The WebApp can be launched from this link

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