Monday, April 14, 2014

Create features using precision key-ins in QGIS

Given some MH370 satellite imagery debris coordinates, I wanted to enter them in QGIS to see the precise locations on a map; but I could not find a precision key-in function. That is until I found out that there is a plug-in - NumericalDigitize but it must be installed from the Plug-in dialog.

If the plug-in is installed, then the highlighted icon is available in the Digitize tool bar.

Using NumericalDigitize to precisely enter feature coordinates is easy, as shown below.

  1. In QGIS, create a new layer, or load in a new layer, e.g. pointlayer.shp.
  2. Toggle on Editing.

  3. Click on the NumericalDigitize icon.

    The Add numerical feature dialog box appears.

  4. Optional. Toggle on the appropriate coordinate CRS, e.g. in the CRS of the Project.
  5. In the X field, type in a coordinate value, e.g. 90.3.
  6. In the Y field, type in a coordinate value, e.g. -44.5.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for more coordinates.
  8. Click OK.

    The feature(s) are created at the precise coordinates.

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