Monday, November 10, 2014

SVG template for creating Android Material Design product icons

Android Material Design has some guidelines for developers and designers to create product icons that reflect brand identity, as described in detail on this site As part of these guidelines, product icons can be based on certain keyline shapes in order to "maintain a consistent visual proportion across related product icons."

These keyline shapes include:

  • square
  • circle
  • vertical rectangle
  • horizontal rectangle. 

I did not find any downloadable resources of the keyline shapes to base the creation of new Android icons, so I created my own template in SVG format, at 4 times 48 pixels size, i.e. 192 pixels. The template looks as shown in the screenshot of Inkscape below.

Each keyline shape is placed on a separate layer.

Simply toggle on the desired keyline shape e.g. Horizontal rectangle in order to use it as a guide in creating new icons.

The SVG template can be downloaded from this site if you want to use it.

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