Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Using Git with Visual Studio: cloning a repository

I like using the source code repository tool Git with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. It makes life easier for a developer in managing software code. To start using Git, perhaps one of the first thing to do is to set up Git with Visual Studio and clone an existing repository. The following steps illustrate the basic steps.

  1. Start Visual Studio.

  2. Select View | Team Explorer.

    The Team Explorer pane appears on the right.

  3. Click Settings. Then click Git Settings.

    The Git Global Settings appear.

  4. Type in your User Name and Email Address that you want to associate with Git. If you like, define the Default Repository Location. Click Update.

    The settings are saved.

  5.  Click the Connect to Team Projects button.

  6. Click Clone.

  7. Type in the URL to the Git repository.

  8. Define the directory to clone to, e.g. D:\GitRepos\gps-localtime-windows\.
  9. Click Clone.

    Processing messages appear.

    Finally, the repository is cloned.

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