Monday, February 15, 2010

Importing LAS files with GeoMedia Grid 6.1.1

The latest GeoMedia Grid version 6.1.1 comes with a function to import LiDAR data in LAS (*.las) format. With this new function, you will be able to convert LiDAR xyzi points into point geometry features in a read/write warehouse. Once converted into point geometry features, you will then be able to query and manipulate the LiDAR points like any typical GeoMedia feature classes. If you want to generate a digital elevation model (DEM) from the LiDAR points, then you would use the typical GeoMedia Grid workflow to rasterize the points, then interpolate the rasterized points into a surface. I tried out the new command on a small LAS file.

  1. Run GeoMedia and create or connect to a read/write warehouse.

  2. Select Grid | Utilities | LAS Files to Feature Classes as shown below.

    The LAS Files to Feature Class dialog box appears.

  3. Click Add. Browse and select a LAS file e.g. B3.LAS and click Open.

    The LAS Files to Feature Class dialog box is updated with the selected file.

  4. In the Coordinate System file name field, click Browse. Select an appropriate coordinate system file (*.csf) for the LAS file e.g. StatePlane83TexasCentral.csf and click Open.

    The LAS Files to Feature Class is updated with the selected CSF file.

  5. If the Connection is not the right destination, then choose the correct read/write connection from the drop down list.

  6. If necessary, type in the new feature class name in the Feature Class field.

  7. If you want to expose the LAS file name as an attribute in the new feature class, then toggle on Include the name as attribute.

  8. Click OK.

    The status field shows the progress.

    At the end of the conversion, the summary messages appear.

  9. Click Close.

    The LAS file is converted into a GeoMedia feature class.
If you open up a Data Window and display the attribute records of the newly converted LiDAR points, the following fields can be seen (including Filename if the Include Filename as attribute toggle was on during the conversion):

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