Monday, September 17, 2012

WebApp for batch resizing images

I wrote this simple WebApp using the HTML5 canvas element for re-sizing one or more images without having to upload the images onto a web server for processing. It will only work in modern Internet browsers that support the canvas element and the FileReader object; that leaves out Internet Explorer 9 and below.

  1. To run the WebApp, go to this site
  2. Then in the sidebar on the right, choose the scale factor for resizing e.g. 0.5.

  3. Optional. Choose the output image format e.g. Jpeg.

  4. Drag and drop the image files onto the dashed box. Alternatively, click the button and choose one or more image files.

    The images are resized.
  5. To save the resized images, simple right click on the image and choose Save image as. Or drag and drop the image out to a folder.


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