Monday, January 7, 2013

Earthquake Monitor Web App

Since Google has announced that it will be closing down the iGoogle site, I decided to migrate some of the Google Gadgets that I had written to Chrome Web Apps for the Chrome Web Store. I consolidated the various earthquake gadgets using the USGS, British Geological Survey, Euro-Mediterranean Seismic Monitoring Center, and the New Zealand GeoNet earthquake feeds into a single Web App.

The screenshot below shows the Earthquake Monitor Web App. It can be installed through the Chrome Web Store (search for Earthquake Monitor) or directly from this url address

Simply choose an earthquake source feed in the side bar's Earthquake feed combo box as shown below.

The earthquake epicenters will be displayed as color coded icons by depth and time on Google Maps. Hovering the cursor on the icons will display a tool tip showing summary details about the earthquake event. Clicking on the icon will open up a page showing more detailed information.

Clicking on the List link in the side bar will display a list view of the earthquake events. The list can be sorted according to the time, depth or magnitude of the earthquake event. Clicking on the Map link will center and zoom to the earthquake epicenter in Google Maps.

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