Monday, March 22, 2021

Find the location of a Docker volume on Windows

Like any Docker versions, Docker on Windows (with WSL2) can create and use Docker data volumes. The command to create a Docker volume (named as my-data-volume), as shown in the screenshot below is: 

$ docker volume create my-data-volume


The question then is where is the corresponding location of this data volume e.g. my-data-volume in the Windows file system.

Using the inspect command below to display the Docker volume details shows the following information.

$ docker volume inspect my-data-volume


The print out indicates the my-data-volume can be found at /var/lib/docker/volumes/ but the path cannot be located with the Windows Explorer.

Instead, to go to the actual location, you will have to use the WSL path e.g.


Typing this path in Windows Explorer shows the my-data-volume location.

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