Friday, August 15, 2008

Display Line Direction in GeoMedia

If you want to display the direction of line indicators in GeoMedia, there is an easy way using the Functional Attributes command. For example, I have the red line features in the screen shot below for which I want to display red arrows at the end to indicate the digitized line direction.

  1. In GeoMedia, select Analysis > Functional Attributes.

    The Functional Attributes dialog is displayed.

  2. Click New.

    The Functional Attribute dialog appears.

  3. In the Functional attribute name field, type in a meaningful name, e.g. LineDirection.
  4. In the Expression field, type in: ENDPOINT(Input.Geometry).

    The Functional Attribute dialog box should like this.

  5. Click Add.
  6. Click OK to close the Functional Attribute dialog.
  7. In the Functional Attributes dialog's Query name field, type in a meaningful name e.g. LineDirection.
  8. Click the Style button.

    The Select Style dialog appears.

  9. Click Properties.

    The Style Properties dialog appears.

  10. Under the Symbol Style tab, select the Triangle Up Filled Name.
  11. Choose a reasonable size e.g. 10pt.
  12. In the Rotation field, type in -90.
  13. Toggle on the Ignore map rotation option.

    The Style Properties dialog box should like this.

  14. Click OK to close all the dialog boxes.

    All the red line features should have a red color filled triangles at the end and pointing in the digitized direction.

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Cavalrycharger said...

hi dominoc,
i am sing geomedia 6.0. I have a ms ccess database with gps coordinates sent by 25 gps devices as sms. I need to plot the latest sms of each device on the map, getting refreshed when a new sms comes in.

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