Monday, November 15, 2010

A Google Gadget for monitoring natural disasters

You can use this gadget to monitor natural disasters around the world as published by the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (

It shows the latest natural disasters like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tropical cyclones, and floods as color coded icons with tool tips on a Google Maps backdrop; the icon colors indicate the alert level - green, orange, and red. The icon will look more transparent the older the event was published.

There is also a list view which can be used to sort the natural disaster events according to the date/time, region, and disaster type. Clicking on the icon will bring up more details about the disaster event.


Olivier Saltarelli said...


I've a error message : "unable to load natural disaster events over network connection"
My smartphone : samsung galaxy ace

Thx for your reply


dominoc said...

Hi Olivier,

the app simply reads the RSS news feed from the GDAC server. If there is no network or the server or feed is down, then the app would not be able to load the feed.


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