Monday, January 25, 2016

WebApp for batch conversion of SVG vector files to raster PNG/JPEG images

This is a simple HTML5 WebApp for converting one or more SVG format files into raster image files in PNG or JPEG formats. At the same time, the user can choose to resultant raster image dimensions, whether it will be scaled at 25%, 50%, 75% or at a custom scale. The HTML5 canvas element is used to perform the conversion locally using the user's Internet browser without having to upload the SVG file to the web server.

  1. To run this WebApp, go to

  2. Optional. Click Settings on the right pane and change the Background color, transparency, scale factor, or the image format.

  3. Simply drag and drop the SVG files into the dashed box. Or click the Choose Files button and select one or more SVG files.

    The SVG file(s) are converted to raster image format.
  4. To save the converted image(s) one by one, just right click on the image and choose Save image as. Alternatively, click Main | Generate zip file on the right pane to generate a zip file containing all the converted images.

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