Monday, June 2, 2008

Brief Initial Look at GeoMedia Terrain 6.1

I have received the GeoMedia Terrain 6.1 CD from Intergraph and promptly installed it on my computer. The product's graphical user interface looks exactly the same as version 6.0 as indicated in the release notes. I connected successfully to my previous terrain warehouses - so far so good. Then I tried the DataStores command and click on some grid and geomorphic data stores - no high level CPU or disk drive crunching activities as happened previously sometimes on version 6.0 - good.

I tried some more commands - Color Coded and Shaded Relief, and Import Grid DataStore and found that Intergraph introduced new bugs. Previously in version 6.0, the Color Coded and Shaded Relief command will save the shaded relief image files to the image data path defined by the terrain options' preference set. Similarly, the Import Grid DataStore command will open the elevation data path by default as defined by the terrain options' preference set. Now, they open up the C:\ path irregardless of what was set in the terrain options.

At first glance, GeoMedia Terrain 6.1 feels more robust and better suited to a production environment. The path problem is a bit irritating but I can live with it.

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