Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Useful Namespaces for GeoMedia Programming in .NET

using GeoMedia = Intergraph.GeoMedia.GeoMedia;
using GMLayout = Intergraph.GeoMedia.GMLayout;
using PCSS = Intergraph.GeoMedia.PCSS;
using GMService = Intergraph.GeoMedia.GMService;
using PService = Intergraph.GeoMedia.PService;
using PBasic = Intergraph.GeoMedia.PBasic;
using GDO = Intergraph.GeoMedia.GDO;
using PClient = Intergraph.GeoMedia.PClient;
using PDBPipe = Intergraph.GeoMedia.PDBPipe;
using GeoMath = Intergraph.GeoMedia.GeoMathSvc;
using PView = Intergraph.GeoMedia.PView;
using MapviewLib = Intergraph.GeoMedia.MapviewLib;

The above C# code snippet shows a list of useful namespaces to include when developing GeoMedia custom applications or commands. Use the namespace GeoMedia (Intergraph.GeoMedia.GeoMedia) to access the methods and properties of the GeoMedia application framework such as the GeoWorkspace document. If you plan to do a lot of layout window programming, then the GMLayout namespace is definitely a must. Include the GDO namespace to access the Geographic Data Objects methods and properties especially if you intend to read recordsets and databases in your code; in addition, the PBasic, PDBPipe namespaces would be very useful in writing code that works with geometries. Lastly, use the PView and MapviewLib namespaces if your code is used for displaying features in the Map Windows.

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